Return to the mat: A yoga tale

Honest truth: I’ve fallen in love with yoga. My return to the mat started with a Groupon and it was love at first sun-salutation.

Lately, I’m starting to panic. My unlimited month is almost over. My chaturanga dandasana is starting to look graceful and I’ve almost got crow pose down. My tension headaches are less frequent. Some of the other yogis greet me by name. Guys, my green yoga mat perfectly matches my reusable water bottle! I can’t stop now. But my budget is tight (have you looked at the price of car insurance lately?) and I can’t imagine spending $120+ just on yoga a month. That’s like 35 gallons of gas…depending on which station I stop at.

In the middle of my panic last night (about halfway home from an amazing yoga class), I decided to consider my options:

Suck it up and fork out the cash Great option, right? I just have to cut out Caribou completely. Say no to Chipotle. Stop wearing mascara. I really don’t need a new sweater dress anyway…

Start an at-home practice All I need is motivation and a mat! I know the flow; I own my practice. I can stop myself from being distracted by my comfy, pillow top mattress…

Beg a friend SO I happen to know someone who has gone through yoga teacher training. We can be best yoga buds and bond in mountain pose. Our schedules will never conflict…

It’s time to weigh my options. At least I have time. Maybe the answer will come to me in shavasana. … I don’t want this to be another yoga hiatus. I mean, I have to use the new yoga pants I just bought somehow.


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