New Year’s Resolutions (or how I’m filling my bucket in 2014)

When I was about 14 I spent New Year’s Eve with my cousins at my grandparent’s house. We stayed up until midnight and drank Jones Soda while eating giant ice cream sundaes in the kitchen.

That night I wrote a New Year’s resolution down on a tiny slip of paper, stapled it shut and put it in my pocket. When asked, I told everyone I didn’t make a resolution; didn’t really believe in making them. Really, I was just embarrassed because I’d resolved to lose weight. At the awkward age of 14 I wasn’t happy with my body, and to be honest I’ve struggled with it ever since.

Two years ago I resolved to stop making resolutions. I was sick of resolving to lose weight. My decision to not make a resolution was really a resolution in itself: to start loving myself.

Recently, a lot has changed in my life. As my friends and I are noticing, life after college isn’t quite what it’s cracked up to be. You feel scared and sometimes lost, always vulnerable. You’re an adult who doesn’t know how to be one surrounded by people who seem smarter and more prepared than you are. If you follow this blog, you’ll know that in the past two years I’ve graduated from college, worked in retail, freelanced, landed a “big girl” job and met an amazing guy. I also lost two grandparents, went through a nasty relationship, struggled through the job market and watched my father go through major medical emergencies.

So for 2014, I decided on a few resolutions that I’m going to keep and use this blog to help explain each resolution and my progress. Last weekend, I was reminded that life drains you and you have to do things that fill up your bucket so that at the end of the day, even with all of the leaks, you aren’t left empty. It is already Jan. 9th, and to be honest, I’ve already begun to struggle with my resolutions. I’ve decided that’s only natural. I mean there ARE a lot of them:

  1. Less screen time, more reading and writing
  2. Enjoy the morning
  3. Embrace yoga and start running
  4. Explore groups that promote growth
  5. Cook more, eat out less
  6. Gain financial stability
  7. Set aside time to relax

5 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions (or how I’m filling my bucket in 2014)

  1. This is awesome to see that you’ve written the resolutions down! I have seen studies that suggest if a person writes down the resolution and places it in a spot that they will see on a daily basis, that person is likely to keep their resolutions. Give that a try and you’ll be successful. Also, on the written down portion of it, make quantitative benchmarks (ex: Maximum limit of 1 hr. of Screen time per day and 50 pages out of a book per day for #1). Put a create a daily checklist and check it off when you accomplish your daily goals and your weekly goals. It will help keep you on track. Make it a part of your daily schedule and do it at about the same time each day if possible. This helps to make it routine and a part of your “muscle memory.” Next thing you know, it’s a habit instead of a wish. I feel with these tips, everyone (including me) will be able to accomplish anything.

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