Signing up for a Fun Run

I know I’ve said this before, but waking up to go to the gym is difficult. And this morning, the freezing temps, my sore neck and sleepy body decided to act as very legitimate excuses …and I skipped the gym, again.

You see, sometime around noon yesterday I kinked my neck (let’s just say I can’t turn to the left). I still made it to yoga last night and found some relief in the heat and stretching. I made sure to be gentle and skipped one or two difficult positions.

Yoga is great because I’ve implemented the buddy system (shout out to my lovely friend Emily!). But my solo gym sessions? I’ve found excuses are so easy to make at 6 am when there’s no one to answer to but yourself. I’m can almost always convince myself I’m too tired or it’s too cold.

But starting today I have a two new excuses to not skip out on running. A group of friends and I signed up for the happiest (aka easiest?) 5Ks! We will be participating in Run or Dye in April and The Color Run this July.

While I’ve heard that sometimes you are basically forced to walk due to the Colorful crowds, I’m actually excited to have something extra to motivate me in the morning. My goal is to complete these to fun runs with ease, and I’m going to get back to the gym starting tomorrow morning. Even if it is still freezing cold.