DIY Headboard

Headboards are expensive. Specifically when you have champagne tastes on a beer budget…like I do.

When I moved to my new place last October, I had the chance to finally upgrade my itty-bitty bed to a QUEEN. Thrilled, I started looking for headboards to go with the beauty of a pillow-top I had just purchased. Knowing my budget, my mom mentioned a magazine DIY project she saw involving three picture frames. Two weeks (and a few coupons) later, I had three frames, quilt batting and fabric.

To save money, I decided to go with ugly art in beautiful frames. I purchased three identical pieces on clearance, saving myself about $50 a frame. The plan was to take the art and glass out and keep just the frames. I then went on a fabric hunt, looking for something to match my new gray comforter.

The hardest part was taking the pictures out without ruining the frames. Lots of staples, so pliers came in handy:

photo 3

A lot of work, but well worth it given the money I saved. I then cut out pieces of cardboard, batting and fabric to create the cushioned center for each frame.

photo 2

I stapled the fabric over the quilt batting and to the back of the cardboard piece.


The next task took a little teamwork. My dad cut out long pieces of wood to hold the cushion in the frame.  My mom and I then used small nails to attach three of the thin wooden pieces to each frame. We placed the wood lengthwise on the frame so the insert was secure and supported at the top, middle and bottom. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember to take a picture of this before hanging the frames on my wall.

I’m really happy with the results! The frames are sturdy and have just enough of a cushion to lean up against. I’ve even been asked where I bought it! Pretty good, right? Overall a great low-cost project to add class to my room while sticking with my very small budget.