Discussing April’s Challenge

Acting with “great love” has proven to be quite a challenge. As today is the first of May, I wanted to give you all a brief update on three things I discovered about myself during my month of following Mother Teresa’s advice and acting with great love:

1. I hold others to (impossibly?) high standards. When focusing on acting with love, I realized how often I get upset with others for not living up to my expectations, my high standards. And is that really their fault? Sometimes they have no idea what was even expected of them! So in the last few weeks I’ve begun to learn that forgiving others for small shortcomings is a great way to make your everyday life happier. I’m less upset with the random driver who forgot to use his signal, or a friend who shows up 20 minutes late.

2. Being mad at yourself is not a great way to start the day. Here’s an example: I have a terrible time waking up in the morning, and I press the snooze often. While this is something I’ve been working on, I really nag at myself and feel bad when I realize I’m up late and will have to skip straightening my hair or making eggs for breakfast. The easiest way to wake up in the morning is with self-love. You forgive and move on with your morning – it’s that simple.

3. Genuine gratitude is the best. Saying thank you to the person bagging your groceries? Tipping your waiter? It’s easier to say “thank you” when you really mean it. In the last few weeks I’ve had more conversations with those providing a service to me than ever before – and I leave the store/restaurant/coffee shop feeling better than when I came in. While I’ve always been good at saying “Please and Thank you” (Thanks, Mom!), it was focusing on acting with love that has made usually automatic interactions more real and positive.

great love


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