Celebrating Success

Today is the last day of January. How are you doing on your New Year’s Resolution(s)? Do you feel like you’re succeeding or falling off the bandwagon?

Something to consider: You never fail until you stop trying.

So you skipped the gym or messed up your budget by buying an expensive purse. It’s OK. Accept it. Move on. Start over.

Today, in the spirit of ending January on a positive note, I’m celebrating my victories and not dwelling on my flops.

1. Less screen time, more reading and writing: This month I’ve written twelve blog posts (including some for submission elsewhere) and made it halfway through Quiet by Susan Cain.

2. Enjoy the morning: Although mornings are still difficult, I’ve only had to rush out the door once in the past two weeks.

3. Embrace yoga and start running: Aside from living through Couch to 5K sessions, I’m enjoying my post work-out yoga stretches. I’ve also made it to 1-2 yoga classes a week.

4. Explore groups that promote growth: My book club meets next week and I’m so excited to discuss Quiet!

5. Cook more, eat out less: While I still enjoyed eating out over the weekend, I’ve successfully made it through one week on my own cooking.

6. Gain financial stability: Guess who has health insurance and disability insurance? This girl.

7. Set aside time to relax: This has been the most difficult resolution thus far. I’ll be focusing more energy here in February.


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