Turning can’t into can: Running

As Americans we seem to define ourselves by what we can and cannot do well. As Mid-westerners, this becomes even more apparent as we stereotypically define what we can’t do, but have issues “bragging” about what we can do well.

I find myself saying that I can’t cook. I’m not even the least bit athletic. I’m bad at small talk. I can’t dance. I can’t sing…

These “can’ts” can be so limiting.

This year, I’m going to prove myself wrong on one of my most proclaimed “can’ts.” Running.

You see, I can’t run. Or at least that’s what I’ve told myself since I first started struggling with “The Mile” back in Elementary school during the Presidential Fitness Test. But I can run. Yes, I have a few obstacles. I have weak ankles and some knee problems, both of which can be managed with the right shoes and proper stretching. I’m 24, healthy (if a bit out-of-shape) and determined to prove myself wrong. To be honest, I’m hoping by reversing this can’t into a can, I will start to see improvements on my other so-called limitations.

As of this week I’ve begun Couch to 5K training. I’m even using a nifty free app. And boy, am I bad at running.  If you read my New Year’s resolution post, you’ll notice running on the list. Right now I can do about 1.5 miles. On a good day. I’m also going to yoga at least once a week to add flexibility and help keep my core strong.

In an attempt to keep myself committed (and honest), I’m going to update you all on my weekly progress. Maybe I’ll somehow inspire you, as well.

There are already so many road blocks in life. My own negative voice shouldn’t be one of them.


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