Enjoy the morning

I’m not a morning person. Then again I’m not a night owl, either. I’m a sleep person. I vividly remember the shocked look on my freshman roommates’ faces when I said I liked to get about 10 hours of sleep each night. And let’s face it. I hardly ever manage to schedule in 10 hours now. Being an adult means having commitments and obligations. I usually manage about 7 hours, which turns out to be far better than the national average. The Center for Disease Control has even called insufficient sleep a “public health epidemic.

When I planned my resolution to “enjoy the morning,” it developed from my desire to be a morning person. I wanted to have more time to read, exercise, make food and even do my hair or clean the apartment. The only time I wasn’t capitalizing on was the 10-60 minutes I pressed the snooze. Yes, I sometimes waste a good hour pressing the snooze button in 8 minute intervals.

I tried setting a snooze-less alarm (terrifying results of not waking up at all). I tried setting multiple alarms and even had my boyfriend (usually an annoyingly up-beat morning person) text me right when he woke up. Nothing. This had to change.

Looking into my habits, I realized I woke up more easily if I was looking forward to my day. While not earth-shattering news, I knew in my quest to have more time in the morning, I must begin to enjoy the morning.

Right now, I’m adding things I enjoy to my morning to-do list. I plan on making breakfast (quinoa oatmeal, eggs, French toast, etc.). I have a timer candle that turns on 30 minutes before my alarm is set to go off (making my room a little brighter and adding a light, coconut scent). I turn on music right when I wake up. I’ve even scheduled in (and have successfully completed!) morning workouts.

So far, I’ve only made a little progress. I still press the snooze. But I’m getting there. It is only January 15th!

Any tricks or tips for enjoying the morning?




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