Breaking it down: Or why I chose “Less screen time, more reading and writing”

Some people find relaxation and rejuvenation (you’ll notice I adore alliteration) sitting in front of the TV, scrolling through YouTube or catching up on the latest in social media. For better or worse, I do not. So this year I’ve resolved to have less screen time and more time for reading and writing, two activities that leave me feeling happy.

When deciding what “drains my bucket,” I found that watching TV ranked in the top ten. This is not to say I never enjoy watching TV. I love keeping up with HIMYM every Monday with my boyfriend and catching up on Bones on a Saturday morning. It’s the longer-term, mindless television sessions that bring me down. Growing up, my family often got into the rut of going to separate rooms and watching separate television shows after dinner. Lots of families go through this. During that time I learned that watching TV for more than an episode or so really drains me. I lose motivation to do other activities and time flies by. When I’m done sitting on the couch after a long, unwarranted TV session, I feel like a zombie.

So why do I do it? Plopping myself in front of the TV seems easier than getting into a book or driving to yoga. It’s the same with social media. I gain no “bucket-filling” feelings as I scroll through Facebook, but you’ll see me spend hours doing it. It’s easy. It doesn’t require thought. But, it also doesn’t make me happy.

So what am I going to do about it? Well, for starters I’ve joined a book club (which also fits nicely with resolution #4, “Explore groups that promote growth”). This will help me embrace my love of reading. I have decided that I will read a minimum of one book per month. While this is considerably lower than my reading expectations of the past (I used to do a minimum of one book a week), I feel that it’s best to allow myself time for my other resolutions. I’m also devoting more time to writing here (4-5 posts a week) and submitting queries to several magazines and websites.

In addition to this, I plan on contributing to my blog’s book review category, so you can enjoy what I’m enjoying.

How are your resolutions going?



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