I’m on a boat

In an attempt to capture all that is summer before enjoying my favorite fall things (apples, sweaters, tea, cute boots! Oh, I sound so suburban), I went on a boat.

Exhibit A:


After a long day of work, my boyfriend, Nika (remember my new animal friend?) and I took Ol’ Red out on a lake near White Bear Lake, MN. We had a late start because of work, but that also meant we had a perfect view of the sunset. Just a simple night on the lake with two of my best friends:


It had been awhile since I’d been out on a Minnesota Lake. It is still sometimes easy to forget the beauty of being out on the water, even in this land of 10,000 lakes. I hope that this wasn’t the end of my summer boating…maybe I can find time in this busy schedule of a life with more friends to cruise the lake.

My “boat back story”

I basically grew up going fishing. It is my dad’s favorite pass-time. I honestly didn’t know people went out on boats for any other reason. We used to dig up worms in the garden, get a can of corn and take the boat out all morning. As I grew up I found worms disgusting (sorry dad) and, for a short time, became a vegetarian (if you can’t kill it, you shouldn’t eat it). Fishing became less of a bonding experience and more of a drag…i.e. dad was always just gone fishing. I should really still get him that sign.ImageMaybe I’ll take my dad up on his next round of fishing. While I’m still not a fan of worms, I’m no longer a vegetarian and I do enjoy a good boat ride…and anyway, ice fishing season will be here soon enough.


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