August Adventures Part Two

Did I mention how much I’ve been enjoying this August sun? Here are a few activities that helped me capitalize on Minnesota’s beautiful weather.

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend and older sister ran a 12K in the beautiful Cannon River Valley. It was so much fun watching them reach the finish line. The race started (and ended) at a bar. Apparently there’s nothing like a good beer and beef sandwich after a long run…don’t worry, everyone had a bottle of water before the alcohol was consumed. For the first time in my life, I felt the desire to do a little running myself! Maybe I’ll start with a 5K…

That afternoon my family and I took advantage of the fine weather and local activities. We headed to a local Sioux community event.

We ate some great food and watched the traditional dance. Not a bad afternoon for $5! Definitely something to check out again next year.


I feel very lucky to live in a place with access to so many different cultures. I must admit that I have not taken full advantage to learning about the many types of people around me, as well as Minnesota’s intriguing heritage. I hope that the next year will take me to more places such as this. Sometimes, it is good to step back and realize the beauty that can be found in your own back yard. This even was just a sneak peak for me.

Later that weekend, we took in the cool night air with one of my family’s “traditions” and had a bonfire. I enjoyed some hard cider while I did some crafts (painted shell frame post soon to come). S’mores were devoured and a good time was had by all.



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