Spring, unexpected

Everybody, yesterday was the 18th of April, and here in Minnesota we had a snowstorm (just in case your social media/view from your window hasn’t informed you yet 🙂 ). Last night it took me 3 1/2 hours to get home from work, tripling my usual drive time. And when I finally got home, the power was out. So with nothing for dinner, a frustrated state of mind from the drive and a phone with 5% battery I thought to myself, “This is the worst.”

Well, really, it wasn’t. Last night as I ate pie for dinner in the dark, I knew it wasn’t the worst. It was just unexpected.

This spring has been full of unexpected events in my life. I’ve moved back with my parents after a very short time away, lost a job (company layoffs, the unfortunate truth of our current economy), published a few articles and experienced the natural ups and downs that come with events like these.

My good friend recently took the Core Power Yoga Teacher Training course. She’s a very influential person in my life and lately she’s been sending some of her current ‘Zen’ my way. She keeps telling me that I need to change my definition of Success. So just as Mother Nature decides to make us redefine Spring, I’m finding a new way to see my life.

Success is something that is so personal. I always thought I would be successful when I published my first book. Or got into that dream job as an editor. But that is so limiting, isn’t it?

Maybe this limiting view of success is part of a naĂŻve American Dream mindset. That we can do anything we put our minds to. It is what our parents told us as we grew up and what our current economy is telling us is closer to implausible than possible. This anything is possible mindset may seem great but really it is quite limiting when it comes to our overall lifespan. It almost tells us we won’t be happy until we’ve achieved this something that the average person has not. Maybe instead of saying we can do and be anything, we should be saying that it is possible to find happiness and personal success in any situation we are presented with.

Maybe success is like the weather. None of us expected to deal with a blizzard at the end of April. But we’re dealing with it. Some of us may even secretly think it’s quite beautiful out there in that snowy wonderland. The unexpected does happen. It tells us that there are things to look forward to that we don’t even know we want. That there are also going to be roadblocks like power outages and three hour commutes that we weren’t expecting. But, success is getting through these roadblocks, or seeking out help when we just can’t make it by ourselves. Success is even giving other people a little chance so that they can achieve a big dream. It’s waking up with a smile. It’s even writing cheesy blog posts (like this one).

So right now I’m looking forward to the crazy roads ahead, both literal and figurative. The snowy one I will have to drive through today. The job search I must continue…

I think the Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition is a good way to leave off on this somewhat offbeat post that I felt I just had to write.

Spring 2013


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