My wolf pack

On June 2, 2012 my best friend Katie got married. Today, she moves to California to live with her newly-minted husband (and Marine) Ryan. To celebrate her next stage I thought I’d share with you all the toast my co-maid-0f-honor Emily and I wrote:

Emily: Hello everyone. We hope you’re having a wonderful evening. In case you don’t know us, I’m Emily Ryan…
Me: and I’m Emily Koenig.
BOTH: And we’re the maids of honor.
Me: When Katie was deciding who was going to be her maid of honor she told us to flip a coin or something,
Emily: because if it was up to her we would both be standing by her side on her big day. And just like every day since we moved beyond friendship and became sisters, Emily and I decided to stand by her side, together. Because from Girl Scouts
Me: to OLP and the torchers of Middle School
Emily: to the halls of high school, and the scary unknown of college
Me: we learned that no matter how many fights we got into, boys that broke our hearts or miles that separated us, we would always manage to be by each other’s sides, willing to talk on the phone at 5am
Emily: drive four hours just to have dinner or have Skype dates in the middle of finals week. Now as we all take on life after graduation
Me: and Katie moves across the country to be with the love of her life
Emily: we bring with us everything we have learned in over a decade of friendship. Life changes, but love never dies.

Me: Love is accepting all faults and facing any obstacles.
Emily: But it’s also sharing joys and celebrating the turning of new chapters.
Me: When Ryan became a permanent figure in Katie’s life, we knew that a new chapter was about to begin.
Emily: And though it may physically take her away from us for a while, we are happy she will be with someone as amazing as Ryan and we fully embrace him into our family.
Me: As often happens in our lives, Emily and I couldn’t come to a mutual decision on how to end this speech.
Emily: So we turn to what a wise man once said in a movie we’ve watched together countless times: The Hangover.
Me: So I paraphrase the great Alan in saying, “You guys might not know this, but we consider ourselves a secluded group. We tend to think of ourselves as a three-man wolf pack. But when Katie brought Ryan home, we knew he was one of our own. And our wolf pack….it grew by one.”
Emily: “So there…there were four of us in the wolf pack…We were alone at first in the pack, and then Ryan joined in later. And two years ago, when Ryan proposed to Katie, we thought, “Wait a second, could it be?” and now we know for sure.”
Me: We’ve decided to let Katie keep Ryan.
Emily: So tonight, we make a toast!
Me: To Katie and Ryan,
Emily: we love you more than words can express
BOTH: and wish you much love in this new chapter.


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