Big Ideas

I’m full of big ideas these days…but my wallet’s kind of empty. So here’s to my big idea list of all big idea lists!

1) Travel to California! … aka start my California fund. (might I mention the desperate need to visit my best friend in her new home?)

2) Apply for dream jobs in ALL the dream cities! … aka apply for any job where I get to write/edit

3) Read ALL of the books … aka at least re-read The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out and make my way through the rest of Harry Potter.

4) Publish an article on HelloGiggles! … aka write and submit, with fingers crossed of course.

5) Move out of my parent’s house! … aka get a job; start saving up so I can make loan payments; start saving up so I can afford an apartment and food and gas when I don’t live in my parent’s house…you get the idea

ALL the Big Ideas! It’s time to be an adult! (let’s start with baby steps, shall we).


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