Sculpture Garden

Last spring a foreign exchange student friend of mine at UST started telling me about going to see the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. He said that the spoonbridge was on some of the pamphlets he had gotten when first considering Minnesota schools. Now, I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life and had never been to the sculpture garden. Ever since then I’ve been slightly obsessed with the idea of going to see it, while simultaneously taking no action to actually go see it. This weekend my wonderful roommate finally got me into her car and drove us to the Sculpture Garden. Now I feel truly ‘Minnesotan’.

Maybe I have the enthusiasm of a small child, but I fell completely in love with the Spoonbridge and the rest of the garden. There was an abundance of “ooos” and “What’s that?”–I couldn’t help myself. We even saw a quaint wedding ceremony happening in the glass fish building. I loved the city backdrop most of all.



After walking around the garden we decided to cross the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge. I must say my favorite part was reading the poem by John Ashbery that goes across the top of the bridge. My favorite lines:

And it is good when you get
to no further.

It is like a reason that
picks you up and

places you where you always
wanted to be.

Beautiful. Thanks, Meaghan.


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