Educational Perks

My Magazine Writing class went to Tiger Oak Media (located in Minneapolis) today. After a surprisingly quick drive down I 94 (it’s usually backed up by the middle of the afternoon) we arrived at an old factory building turned media center. In the gorgeous, modern interior we were greeted by Chris Clayton, Editor in Chief of METRO Magazine and Dana Raidt, Senior Editor at METRO. After a quick tour of the open, cubicle free work zone we talked about the ins and outs of freelancing in the Magazine World. The editors discussed how the magazine covers stories, what stories they cover, and much more. In the next few weeks I will be writing a query (think–pitching a story) letter for a story I’d like to write for METRO. I’m hoping it goes well.

I had a great time, learned a few things I didn’t know and got really excited about the possibilities that the world has to offer a new writer like myself. Sure, it’s a hugely competitive world out there. Yes, the printed word is often thought of as just barely making it in our ever so rocky economy. But I know that writing is important, because words can change the world. Yup, that sounds cheesy, but it’s what I believe. Seven months until graduation. Time to get writing.


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