To the guy on the bus

Dear Fellow Jefferson Lines bus rider,

I hope you liked the end of your book. I’m sorry that my light and computer screen kept you up, probably forcing your continued interest in your book. But could you blame me after the initial failed attempt at a nap? Don’t worry, I completely accepted your apology for falling asleep and ending up with your head on my shoulder. I just didn’t feel like waking up to that again. 

I hope you didn’t mind when I put my headphones in…I didn’t really feel like talking about my major anymore (but, dude, thanks for asking). You were actually quite interesting, I hope your anthropology major takes you far.

Lastly, I just wanted to say “thanks” for not being creepy. I can’t say that I’ve ever taken anything more than the usual city bus ride, and you made my this (first experience) ride back home from up north sound nothing like the bus-horror stories of friends of friends.

So really, thank you, guy on the bus. You showed me it really isn’t that bad sitting next to a stranger for five hours.


The girl reading the InDesign textbook


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