I’m sitting across from one of my best friends and we are surrounded by strangers and the smell of coffee.

With claim to a killer view of Lake Superior as well as the residence of my best friend, Duluth, Minnesota is wonderful, even as it rains outside the windows of the Caribou Coffee I’m sitting doing homework in.

With time spent down in Canal Park and meandering UMD’s campus, I’m falling in love with Duluth all over again. What a beautiful weekend! It seems that no matter what I’m doing here I’m bound to have an amazing time. It is so awesome-ly fall right now. It’s sprinkling but just warm enough to be walking around. Sadly, in a few short hours I get back on the bus (yes–bus transport for this girl. Being car-less didn’t stop my desire to visit my lovely bff). I haven’t seen everything or everyone I want to, but this little weekend trip reminded me why friendships are so important, and how a place like this can trigger that. I cannot wait to come back over winter break with my girlie’s fiance and our other bff–the two missing links that make this weekend just short of perfect.

For now, I’m completely content. This is my definition of love.


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