I’m already behind on my Fall-TV watching. I’ve missed Glee, Gossip Girl, and I’m not even sure if any other shows have premiered for the season (but I’m betting they have). I have been studying and working part-time. And I have friends. So you’d think this means that I’m just not watching TV? Well, not exactly.

I’m addicted to Greek. As in, watching an episode every night before falling asleep addicted. I love Cappie. Every other episode I go between hating and liking Evan.  And I’m always a fan of Calvin. It makes me wish I had gone to a huge University and rushed a Sorority. Kind of.

Anyway, I’m blaming Hulu for this recent addiction as I near the end of Season 3.

They say you can only pick two: Social Life, Sleep and Good Grades.  

At least I’m not watching Jersey Shore?


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