Fall Incentives

Minnesota is an amazing state because once we start getting sick of one season, another is right around the corner promising snow, blustery winds or ninety degree out-at-the-lake days. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and I have developed a love for brisk winds and crunchy leaves that is probably biased due to the fact that I have an October birthday (it’s less than two weeks away, guys!). But for some reason as I find September coming to an end, I am sad to see summer go. So to boost my Fall spirits here are ten reasons it is the best season.

1. This season has not one but two names: Autumn and Fall. How awesome is that?

2. Crunchy leaves are everywhere. Nothing better than that beautiful crunchy walk down the street.

3. It is perfectly acceptable to begin drinking absurd amounts of hot beverages: hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee, tea, yum.

4. It’s finally time to pull out all of those pretty scarves!

5. Sweaters, comfy and stylish Fall options, start showing up in all of your favorite stores.

6. Football games (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

7. Fall veggies, like squash and pumpkins, are at their prime.

8. Did I say pumpkin? Yes, I believe I did. That means pumpkin pie!

9. Apples: Apple picking (often including the potential for a hay ride), apple pie, apple crisp…

10. The holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and most importantly, my birthday.

Now I’m definitely in the Fall spirit.


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