The Great Minnesota Get-Together

Going to the State Fair is about as Minnesota as you can get. You have your livestock, machinery, agriculture, dairy, merchandise and of course anything you can deep fry or put on a stick. All of this is jam-packed into 12 days of sticky humidity, perfect 70 degrees or uncontrollable downpours–don’t worry, Minnesota will always keep you guessing.

I grew up going to the fair, spending hours looking at cattle with my dad, quilts with my mom, and scheming with my younger sister in order to get just one more Pronto Pup/root beer/malt/basket of cheese curds. This year I went with two of my friends, neither of which had ever been! So for the first time I didn’t have my dad talking ‘sheep’ with the guys in the barn or my sister dragging me across the entire fair ground in search of that years ‘best deep-fried thing’. And although we still wandered in search of the deep-fried snickers and meandered around the horse barn, it was a grand adventure, let me tell you.

My favorite part had to be the Miracle of Birth Center.


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