Harry Potter

I am not a person that grew up with Harry Potter. I only watched the movies when forced (which didn’t happen often–my friends weren’t very into it either) and for some reason I rejected the idea of reading the books (…something to do with my goal to not follow the crowd and an obsession with Lord of the Rings).

When I got to college I somehow managed to make my way into a group of Potter lovers–and although they don’t walk around with scars on their foreheads or wands in their pockets, they did manage to get the first book into my hands sometime during sophomore year. I admit, it was good. I even willingly went to part one of the last movie. But being the English major I am, I had plenty of reading on my hands and it wasn’t until this last weekend of summer that I picked up the second book.

Reaction to the second book: Woah.

How did I live without knowing the awesomeness that is Harry Potter? I love Dobby! Why didn’t anyone tell me the books are way more interesting than the movies? And lastly, why didn’t anyone stop me from diving into the series three days before fall classes start?


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