Kindred Spirits

Last night after having a long conversation with a friend, she posted on my Facebook wall saying that we must be “kindred spirits”. This brought me back to my childhood love of Anne of Green Gables.  In L.M. Montgomery’s stories, Anne fills her life with kindred spirits, characters that have not only loving qualities, but the power of imagination and adventure. Kindred spirits go beyond friendship. They are people who understand and accepts you without having to have explanations. You can never lose them.

Now I could gush on my love for Anne, her sweet demeanour and terrible temper. And I could rave about all the things she taught me about life and what is really important. (Seriously–I recommend any series by L.M. Montgomery. It helps kids learn that you don’t have to lose imagination to grow up.) From the moment my friend mentioned kindred spirits, I was pulled into my seven-year-old self, the person who imagined what life was going to be like. I was a big dreamer, let me tell you.

People show love in different ways. I know my friends love me because they have this uncanny ability to make me feel perfectly alright with being myself (a common trait in friendship, or so I hope). My family has always shown love through food. The picture to the left was taken at the end of the day we celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday. We all got together and everyone brought amazing food–lots of it fresh from the garden. Mmmm, I can practically taste the amazing sweet corn my uncle brought.

I guess my point is that life is full of surprises. Today is my last day of work for the summer. I can’t say it was the most exciting summer of my life (it is competing with a trip to Germany), but there was hardly a dull moment. And I have my kindred spirits to thank for that.


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