Today’s Thoughts

Overall work went really well today. Lots of students, huge mailing, all in all busy. But the real reason I enjoyed today is that I overheard one counselor jokingly tell another, “Time only counts when you’re in prison.” That has to be one of the best lines ever. That’ll teach you not to be impatient.

My only problem with work surrounded my leftover lunch. I have this awful tendency of forgetting my lunch leftovers in the office fridge until the door is locked for the night (and I don’t have a key). You’d think after several 1/2 sandwiches and a container of spaghetti I would have learned. But, as it is, my turkey on focaccia will probably be worth the walk into work tomorrow (on my day off). Waste not want not.

I’ve been really into DIY blogs lately. (Can I just admit here, that I had to Google what DIY stands for a few weeks ago. Face-to-palm. I must have been the last person to know it means ‘do it yourself’.) Today when I got home I tried an ‘acne mask’ I saw online — just baking soda and water, two things that even I have in the house. You basically make a paste with the baking soda and gently cover your face with it. It felt cool on my skin and I started cooking my dinner while it ‘sat’. There should be a warning on any acne mask guide that you should avoid all facial expression while it remains on your face. Maybe that is just obvious, but the baking soda started to flake off a bit (cooking stopped there until it was all rinsed off). So far so good! I don’t know if this is a cure-all for acne (actually, I think the site even says it isn’t), but I can say that my face felt very soft and refreshed after I tried it. I’ll probably try it again if my face doesn’t look abnormal in the morning.

On another note: I’ve started reading Shanghai Girls by Lisa See. My roommate lent it to me and so far it seems good.


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