Last weekend I drove 4 hours to visit my best friend in Fargo, North Dakota. Yes. Fargo.

After passing through St. Cloud and Alexandria I was shocked by how bare the landscape was. It wasn’t until we were driving back into the cities and my road-trip buddy said, “TREES!” quite enthusiastically that I realized what was missing. I’m always made fun of for growing up in the sticks, but Belle Plaine is hopping compared to the flat, tree barren land that we drove into. In order to sustain our sanity, we mixed up some average road-trip fun.

-First off–and most importantly–music. I made a mix consisting of The Decemberists, Arcade Fire, Elton John, Lady Gaga and more. It is important to have some good quality mixed with sing at the top of your lungs music. And my friend set us up with some great 90s hits–the era of our childhood.

-Anytime you are out of the cities, count the Wal-Marts (or if you are so inclined, McDonald’s). You will be amazed how many you will see (and man, they look HUGE).

-Billboards. Now, this is a given. When I’m not driving, I like to take pictures or write down the best ones. Our favorite of the weekend was: WeDoCows

-Streets/river names. Sometimes you come across pure gems. For example we passed by Opportunity Drive (hilariously located right next to Pleasure Land–an RV lot).

-Make sure to stop in at least one half-deserted town. Their gas stations are always the most interesting.

Really, four hours wasn’t that bad. I’ve taken road trips all the way to places like Florida and Texas with my family (for those, I usually bring about three books and my laptop). I had a marvellous 3 days, 2 nights visiting my best friend and going to all the places she loves at her new ‘home’. We stay in touch with Skype/Facebook/texting, but it is wonderful to actually hang out.


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