Food, Friends, Family and the Outdoors.

I can’t believe it has been almost a week since I’ve last updated my blog. And while I don’t want to dwell on my absence, I would love to share what I’ve been up to.

First and foremost–I’ve been working. Awesome right? But no really, the Financial Aid Office is really full of life right now, new students getting ready for their first semester at college, old students attempting to figure out loans, and soon-to-be high school seniors taking their first look at a college campus. And today almost all the counselors got new computers (seriously–like a circus).

This past weekend I spent lots of time with friends exploring the Twin Cities.

Thursday my mom visited and brought me amazing sweetcorn and cucumbers (which I ate for lunch on Friday–fresh veggies are the best).

First stop Friday was good old MOA. I needed to get a present for my best friend’s 21st birthday. I ended up with test tube shot glasses (she’s a bio/chem major, cool right?) and a classy bottle of wine. And of course my shopping buddy and I picked up some clothing and ate at the food court.

That night my roommate and I went out to this amazing little restaurant just off of River Road and Lake Street–Birtchwood Cafe ( in Minneapolis. I had wild rice soup, a turkey salad sandwich and some really great white wine sangria. I highly recommend it. Great gluten-free options.

Saturday I met up with my freshman roommate Amanda and our friend Julia for Pizza Luce Block Party in Uptown. Tasty pizza, sweet music and lots of hipsters. I was in love. Later that night we walked to Dinkytown and met up with some really cool people. It was such a gorgeous day. Minnesota weather at its best.

Sunday I spent my day doing a little writing (working on a new story-which is the epitome of excitement, in my opinion).

Monday: worked. And then…my two best friends from high school finally arrived and we (along with some others) celebrated my girl’s 21st birthday with class in Uptown on Stella’s rooftop. Another amazingly beautiful night. The next morning we grabbed coffee, walked by the river, and finally had lunch at (my favorite!) Blue Door Pub. I was so sad to see them leave.

I’ve also gone to Jimmy Johns, caught up with my cousin, had a few Skype dates, bought a new book (Jennifer Egan’s The Keep–it is really good, I’m addicted to her writing), spent as much time as possible outside and well, worked some more.

So you see, I’ve been busy, living up the rest of my summer. More plans are in the making. And I promise to keep posting.


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