Cinnamon Chicken

Remember when I told you I throw random ingredients into skillets and hope for the best when I’m cooking? Well, last night for dinner I made chicken and looking through my spices (at most I have 5 spices–and no pepper…hmm) threw some cinnamon in the mix for some pizzaz. As in I sprinkled the cooking chicken with it haphazardly. Which made my chicken smell amazing. So as I’m working with my gas stove (I grew up with electric) I took my spinach, cucumber and green pepper and some vinaigrette dressing and threw that together, hoping it wouldn’t clash with the chicken in my attempt at a creative salad. Guess what? It was actually really good! I couldn’t believe it. I’ve actually ‘cooked’ twice this week and so far no disasters? So the real question here is, do I try my luck again?

On another note: I have finished A Visit from the Goon Squad (mini-review should be up by tomorrow) and am basically hooked on Jennifer Egan’s writing. The internet is tempting me by telling me all about another one of her books, The Keep, which sounds like it is a postmodern-gothic romance. If the writing is anywhere near as good as the last two books I’ve read of hers, I need to get it before school starts and all I have time for are class-books.

So on tonight’s to-do list (this was last nights to-do list but I ended up foregoing it to be with my friends):

– laundry

– do the dishes

– buy essential house-things like bandages and toilet paper

– find a copy of The Keep – Jennifer Egan


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