You’re welcome?

When work is slow I find myself over-analysing my conversations with people. This can lead to my dangerous inner monologue-tangent tendencies. And recently I’ve noticed something about myself–I never say, “You’re welcome.”

I don’t know if it is my generation or just me (let’s face it, it’s just me), but I just can’t bring myself to say “you’re welcome” when someone says “Thank you.” More often than not I just say, “Thanks” or “mmhmm” or, most annoyingly, an enthusiastic “No problem!” (…Is this something I was taught? Do I offend people by not ‘welcoming’ them? Is it just me or is that phrase really weird anyway?) Although I sometimes play with my food and have a hard time keeping my elbows off the table I like to think that I’ve mastered minding my manners. So hopefully you don’t mind my not saying it because, well, it just sounds funny.


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