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There are some things in my life that I’m a die-hard advocate for and simply have no reason to be. I have loyalty issues.

[ Exhibit A: I will only buy Clorox disinfectant wipes. Not the off brand, not the Target brand, definitely not the Lysol brand–Clorox. And I have absolutely no reasoning behind this–I haven’t done the research, haven’t even given the other brands a try. ]

A few weeks ago, as I opened up the web browser for the first time on my new Toshiba computer I was faced with a debacle. A choice between the ‘old’ and reliable, and the ‘new’ and highly advertised. This was a case of Google vs. Bing. BING. Seriously? Microsoft had Bing as the search-engine bar on the top of my browser? Bing! Okay, okay, I know they have reasons for putting it up there. But this is not a disinfectant wipe case for me. I have solid reasons for loving Google, and I have been dedicated ever since I stopped Asking Jeeves way back when.

Reason #1: I can literally type my exact thought/question into Google and bam, it gives me what I want. For example, just yesterday I was blogging and trying to think of that one book about burning books in a futuristic society, so I Googled “That book about burning books in a futuristic society” and the first thing to come up? Fahrenheit 451. Spot on Google, spot on.

Reason #2: While professors always say, “Don’t use Google as research resource,” I always do. I mean, I’m a pro at using Academic Search premier and finding legitimate books and articles that match my research criteria (I do a lot of research–comes with the Communications major territory), but I like to start off with Google. Google helps me narrow down search terms and focus in on that thing it is that I’m actually thinking about but can’t remember (and here I refer you back to Reason #1).

See, I just Googled this!


Reason #3: Google celebrates holidays/other important days in a really cool way. The Google Logo changes to something really sweet. They know how to celebrate mother’s day, father’s day, Earth day, Dr. Seuss Day. It is really amazing.

For the serious stuff. I’ve read a few articles that have expressed concern for the human memory as we now have smart phones/other electronics that can constantly access search engines like Google. With this technology, we don’t wait for the thought process to work itself out, accessing our short (or long-term) memories for the information. Rather we rely on the internet to fix us up with the answer. This really bothers me. While I love Google, I don’t like to be mid dinner conversation with friends and find someone taking out their phone to figure out the answer to our random question. Isn’t part of the enticement of the conversation racking our brains, playing back and forth with ideas and arguing our points? I think so. And later, when we go home and either think of the correct answer (or, at this point, I guess it is okay to Google it), isn’t it more fun to go, “Oh Yeah” than to have had the conversation stopped after a minute and a quick search?

While I’ve rambled on my love for Google and touched on my fear for our memories, I do hope you come away with one thing: I really hate Bing. Oh, and here’s another reason why: My guilty pleasure show Gossip Girl has decided to ‘Bing’ everything in a highly commercial way. Do I really think Dan Humphrey would actually ‘Bing it’. No, Dan is way too cool for that.

[And on a side note, I took Bing off my computer–Googling it all the way.]


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