Summer Food Favorites

I really like burgers. And ice cream. And spending the summer in St. Paul gives me access to some of the best burger and ice cream joints in the United States. Yes, that’s a big claim I’m making. But trust me, if you are in the Metro area and well, hungry, you have to try these two places. And don’t mind the lines, in my experience it has always been worth the wait.

#1. The Blue Door Pub This is my personal favorite. In this hole-in-the-wall restaurant you will find the best burgers in town. Seriously. My personal favorites are the Mushroom Swiss and the Luau Blucy. So, what is a blucy? An amazing burger filled with cheese. The Luau oozes with mozzarella and is topped with bacon, pineapple and other amazing goodness ingredients. Oh, and try the tater tots. A-mazing. Please, go here. (Oh, and if you don’t believe me, Diners Drive ins and Dives featured The Blue Door)

#2. Izzy’s Ice Cream Yum. Izzy’s whips up amazing flavors of ice cream, serving everything from the little ‘izzy scoop’ to towering ice cream cones. Perfect for the hot summer days. They also have amazing ice cream cakes. Check out the flavors before you head over, although if you are like me you will probably change your mind once you see the options right in front of you.

I also love The Nook–went there for the first time tonight, and of course they are also serving amazing burgers.


One thought on “Summer Food Favorites

  1. I think we need to venture to each of these locations at least once this semester – AT LEAST. We can record our adventures, post them on YouTube, be discovered by the Travel Channel, and eventually have our own food show. Good? Good.

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