This is not a nail polish tutorial.

I am terrible at painting my own nails. I scan blogs in the hope that someday I will be shown a magic trick that I can conduct to create the beautifully manicured nails I see on friends, in magazines and on television.

Part of the reason that I am terrible at painting my own nails is that I am a perfectionist. There, I’ve finally said it. My greatest flaw–the “all or nothing!” attitude. Please don’t think less of me. Through the years I’ve learned to control it, but my  fingernails? Still rarely painted. Now it has been years since I’ve purchased nail polish (although I do use a basic pink or blue on my toes at all times). But today, I ventured to Walgreens and bought this (nail clippers were already mine):

Now I’m hardly endorsing any of these products (like I said, years since I’ve purchased polish). But I came home, laid out all my supplies on my porch ledge and painted. I came away with this:

I apologize for the terrible photography, but I think you get some sort of the idea. They aren’t perfect but about as close as I’ve ever gotten.

Now I’m sitting down to watch Pride and Prejudice (my favorite movie). I’d say I’ve had a successful evening.



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