Two things I will always buy:


There are two things that no matter how broke I am, what I am saving my money for or where I am going, I will not hesitate purchase.

#1: Coffee, specifically an iced mocha (especially from my hometown coffee shop Duets).


#2: A book. Yes, a book, any book, any cover, almost any price (although I do prefer soft cover).

The coffee addiction started somewhere in highschool. My friends and I made it a ritual to go to Duets everyday after school. At first even the chocolaty mocha was to espresso-flavored for me. I’d need a few extra shots of vanilla creamer. Now, I can occasionally stand drinking black coffee.

 My book addiction started much earlier. Ever since I can remember my mom has completely indulged in my love of books. Can I have that shirt? No. Shoes? No. Movie? Can’t you wait til your birthday. Book? Of course! Seriously. It has always been that easy. I could go through a whole day of shopping “no’s” and then we hit Barnes and Noble and I’d leave with three or four books in hand. I don’t know, maybe my mom knew that at the end of the day it would be the book I’d appreciate most. Maybe she wanted to instil in me the knowledge that words and stories are the most powerful thing in the world (if that was her plan, my English major is proof it worked). No matter her motives, I was left growing up with bookshelves full of books I adored. And now that I’m 21 and walking through Magers & Quinn, Target or Barnes and Noble, I can’t help but buy the book I want. Of course, like I said. I’m generally broke and saving my money (if only for next months rent) so I have to limit myself to one or two purchases.

And when my wallet is empty I’ve learned it’s best to stay out of the coffee shop and the bookstore. But, like I found out this weekend, it isn’t always a bad thing to forget the rules and indulge.


My thoughts on Mockingjay (3rd book of the Hunger Games series which I broke down and purchased) will be coming soon!

[Now, doesn’t this make me sound like such a good college student? Addicted to caffeine, diligent in my studies?]


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