270,000 lbs of Roast Beef

That’s right. Since 1959 my home town of Belle Plaine, Minnesota has served over 270,000 lbs of roast beef in our annual Bar-B-Q Days weekend celebration. This year they plan on serving over 18,000 BBQ sandwiches, not to mention the abundance of ‘fair’ food stands that will line the park.

I grew up living for Bar-B-Q Days. Every July I’d get to see all my friends from school and we would roam the town full of carnival rides. The Saturday morning parade always found me somewhere in the line, getting my sun-burn on as I either watched it or walked in it.  Our parents sat in the Beer Garden as we played BINGO and begged for more ride tickets.  As we grew up it became more tradition and less adventure to head down to the park. Now that my friends and I are going into our last year of college and well, most of us are 21, the plan is to reunite in the shade and then watch the amazing fireworks display on the baseball field Sunday night (by far my favorite part of the weekend). And we’ll probably have a BBQ sandwich or two.

And I’ll post pictures. (I promise this time, because tomorrow I’ll be getting my new computer!)


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