For the past six years of my life I have always been looking forward to an amazing trip. But now, as senior year approaches and the job market is still so-so, my budget (more than ever) doesn’t call for a grand  adventure -trip. Here’s a brief look at the past few years of amazing travel:

Spring Break 2006: New York City, (3 day Choir Trip)


Summer 2007: Germany, (German 21 day class trip)


January 2010: San Lucas, Guatemala (VISION trip)


January 2011: London (Modernist Movement English course)



January 2011: San Sebastian (Modernist Movement English course)


January 2011: Madrid (Modernist Movement English course)


Man, do I miss traveling. I am excited for a few of my friends, though. Yesterday, my friend Catie left for a semester in New Zealand (I have been promised a man with a glorious accent and a hobbit as a present). My friend Julia is off to Hawaii in January for a Communication class. Among other things, my dear roommate will be out east visiting family within the next week and Katie is currently off in California.

 And well, I’m still in the Twin Cities. Which, I admit, is pretty great as well:

Christmas in the Twin Cities, 2010


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