Finishing: The Beautiful and Damned

Well, Fitzgerald, you wow-ed me again. Not really a surprise there, but after getting through the first 50 pages or so, The Beautiful and Damned’s pages just flew by, and I finished summer reading book #2 (yes, I often read two books at a time–confusing the summer reading list #s) over the weekend.

This book is worth the read just for Fitzgerald’s characterization of Gloria. At first I couldn’t stand her–she was beautiful, superficial and seemed to have little depth of character. But near the middle of the book I began to like her. Probably because Fitzgerald makes her quite quote worthy. Her fear of the loss of beauty seems to me just a fear of loss of time. My favorite quote for the book shows this:

“Everywhere we go and move on and change, something’s lost–something’s left behind. You can’t ever quite repeat anything…” -Gloria, The Beautiful and Damned

Well said.


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