Winning the Pulitzer Prize: Book #3

This weekend I read a little novel titled Tinkers. Tinkers by Paul Harding just happens to be the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner in Fiction ( The book had been a Christmas present, and in the lag time between seeing friends and attending family grad parties, I started and finished it!

 The book is written in beautiful, descriptive prose and tells the lifetime story of a father-son relationship from the viewpoint of the son’s (an old man by this point) deathbed. While this sounds slightly morbid and sad (ok, it did make me cry, but in a good way), the story is so beautiful and full of hope. The way that Harding is able to grasp and display the thought processes between generations, as well as show the different views of life, beauty and morality is simply astounding. The father/son relationship alone is worth the read, as it explores the ideas of love and family in a very innovative way.

So, as you can tell by now, I recommend this little novel. According to Huffington Post (I like to do research on books after I’ve read them, what can I say, English major at heart– Tinkers is the first novel from a small press since 1981 to receive the Pulitzer Prize, a fact that keeps this English major-college student hopeful. So, if you have a chance, I recommend picking up a copy.


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