Story Time: Raccoon

My roommates/other ‘city’ friends are constantly teasing me about being from the country. Anyone in my family can tell you that I am not a very good ‘farm girl’ and avoid farm-like activities at all cost (although I love going to the farmers market, you won’t find me jumping at the chance to run our stand). This aside, I have gardened, mowed the lawn, and basically lived out in the middle of nowhere amid livestock, ducks, chickens, pets and the occasional wild animal. There it is, background complete.

I leave my friend’s house after a successful trip shoe shopping. Somehow we had gotten on the topic of Elf and how my friend is scared of raccoons (among other small, furry animals) because of that movie. I return to my house and as I get out of the car the motion lights go on by my back door and a HUGE raccoon scurries to the other side of my yard. I shriek and jump back into the car and immediately call my friend. Once the coast was clear, I darted into my house. Thankfully this country girl gone city avoided this scene: .


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