Book Two (and other fun stuff)

So, I have (just) started reading The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald. And I know the book is somewhere in the boxes that are strewn around my house. This isn’t my first book by Fitzgerald. I was expecting it to be a bit more Gatsby (this over-taught, most ‘visual’ of his works has always been my draw to Fitzgerald) but it is proving to be a bit different, without Nick Carraway to guide my reading. Hopefully I’ll find the book soon so I can continue on.

It is cooling down in Minnesota–after topping off around 103 degrees F the other day (with no AC on, might I add) I’m pretty thrilled. My sister was over at my house, and although she is 19, she thrilled in naming “my bunnies” (aka one of many bunnies in the Metro that happened to be in my back yard) Buttercup. Then we had lemonade. It was fabulous.

I’ve been “stumbling” ( all morning. Links to my two favorites:

I can’t wait to go back outside!



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