Heat Wave

91 degrees out here in good old St. Paul. The central air isn’t on at work and I have a fan pointed directly at my face.

Remember my post on looking for a house? Well we found one, and today is move in day…for me anyway. I have a truck, a van, and a KIA  packed to the max, and that is just some of my stuff. A lot of it will stay at my parent’s house…I fear the day when I have to move everything out. But I have a brand new set of keys in my hands, and am ready to explore my home for the next year. Did I mention that it is 91 degrees outside? The past few weeks have me acting even more sentimental/emotional than usual. Reasons why?

1) My baby sister just graduated from High School (so she really isn’t a baby, is she?)
2) I’m moving out and for the first time I’m bringing my bed and dresser. And for the first time  living off campus.
3) My amazing friend/ex-roommate graduated from college.
4) I’m going wedding dress shopping with my best friend from high school this week. I’m a co-maid of honor with my other best friend Emily. Go figure, how do you choose between two Emily’s? Impossible.

Wish me luck on the move. I’ll try to post pictures of the last move and this one soon, but with no internet hook-up yet…give me a little time.


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