Three movie weekend

Every once in a while my life is really exciting. Like Friday, for instance. My friend and I threw a surprise graduation party for our roommate who just graduated this year. But somethings I have a little down time, day off of work, and a Red Box a few miles away where I can get movies for a dollar. So, this was a three movie weekend.


Talk about a cute movie. Disney revamped the Rapunzel story in a way that cute meets witty banter. I really liked how Disney took a bit of a new twist on the hero, somewhat reminding me of Shrek. I was a bit surprised on how quickly the relationship between Rapunzel and her man progressed, but hey it is Disney.

The Chronicles of Narnia 3

So, let me just start off with saying that I’m a big fan of Prince Caspian. I read some of the books as a little kid, but don’t really remember enough to have the books affect my viewing of the movie. It was pretty decent, given the fact that it is the third one put out there. 

 It’s Kind of a Funny Story

I really didn’t know what I was picking when I grabbed this one. This movie is based around the life of a 16-year-old, played by Keir Gilchrist, who checks himself into a mental ward. I liked how he was able to narrate the movie for us, making everything seem just a little more real. He was quite the relatable kid (at least for me…wonder what that says…;) ). I was quite pleased with Zach Galifianakis’ performance as Bobby–the perfect contrast from his character in The Hangover.


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