Almost Summer

It is true, sometimes things have to get much worse before they get better. With seven papers to write this week, I cannot wait until finals are over and summer has finally begun. So while attempting to write-up an abstract for my Twitter digital identity research study, I am coming up with a summer to do list.

1. Make it to the farmers market (every week?). The Twin Cities have some amazing farmers markets, and as my family has always been a part of the sales end in more rural Belle Plaine, MN, I’d like to be on the shopping end my first summer here in the Cities.

2. Read 50 books. That is the goal, the list will hopefully be posted shortly (I’m still looking for ideas).

3. Go to a Twins game. OK, so actually I’m doing this today! Two of my friends from high school are coming down to the Cities for the week and we have tickets. Forecast: 61 degrees and sunny 🙂

4. Visit Fargo and Duluth. These are the cities two of my best friends will be staying in for the summer. Let’s cross our fingers that gas doesn’t get to $6 a gallon.

5. See the Cherry on the Spoon sculpture. Lived in MN 21 years, I think it is time.

6. Make some $$. I’ll be working about 32 hours a week.

7. Decorate the house I’m leasing.

8. Catch up with friends. Hopefully some long days and late nights with friends I haven’t had the chance to see during the last crazy semester.

9. Graduations. My roommate is graduating, my little sister is graduating, and oh so many cousins. I’m excited for the ceremonies and the get togethers. Such good food.

10. Be outside 99.9% of the time & avoid major sunburn. I was outside for 2.5 seconds a few days ago and already have a bit of a burn. This may sound strange, but I plan on staying as white as possible this summer.

My plan is to follow my progress on this blog. So I guess #11 is writing, here on my blog and working on some of my creative nonfiction pieces.


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