Silly Bands and Khloe & Lamar

I’ll admit it. I’m not saying I’ve jumped on the Kardashian bandwagon, but yes, my tv is on E and I’m watching Khloe & Lamar–but in my defense, this is the first time I’ve watched it and an hour ago I had no idea that this show even existed. I always wondered why people become so addicted to these shows. They are overly dramatic portrayals of  ‘famous’ people’s lives–why do I care? I now believe that the fact that shows are re-run back to back for hours might be part of the reason–Before you know it you are mindlessly watching a reality show and what’s another half hour, really?

Mindless bandwagon jumping. Now I’m not saying that watching one of the Kardashians on tv is detrimental to our society–I honestly don’t know much about them. But I find it interesting how by being constantly given and shown something within culture, I will slowly change my mind–become acclimated to it. So, as I watched Khloe & Lamar I began to think about the other little things I was totally against. Like Silly Bands. When they first came out I couldn’t believe how much people would spend for shaped rubber bands. And while I have never purchased any, I am currently wearing five or so. So here’s a list of  ‘trends’ that I was against and now partake in. Don’t judge me to harshly, I’m sure you could name a few yourself.

1. Jeggings (Although I’m still fully against tights or leggings as pants, I do now own a pair of jeggings. My fear is

                        that I will be sucked into leggings next!)

2. Twilight (OK, I read the book before I even knew it was popular. But yes, I did shake “Jacob Black’s” hand in MOA.)

3. Glee (So I was against it at the beginning…now I just can’t get enough of it.)

4. Twitter (I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, but now it is one of my main news sources. And the topic for my culture

                     research project.)

5. Snuggies (I own one, and while I don’t use it often, yes, I do like it.)

6. Uggs (The are ugly. But SO comfy)

So, what have you given into? 🙂


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