Where should I live?

           Where should I plan to spend the majority of my sleeping and much of my waking moments for what will be the next 12 months of my life? The place where I will attempt to strategically place my bookshelves in reach of both my desk and my bed, a place (dare I say it?!) to call home? A college student balancing intermediate independence with an extremely tight budget, it is essential to analyze and contemplate even the smallest of life-questions. And this is a big one. So for my first question, well, here goes nothing.

            I go to the University of St. Thomas, located just off of Summit Ave. in St. Paul, Minnesota. With tuition going up over 5% and housing over 3% next year, I decided it was time to live off campus. Easier said than done. Currently living in an on campus apartment with two of my best friends (one graduating this spring, I’m going to miss this girl so much), I knew it would be hard to beat our four bedroom, two bathroom, full kitchen/living room set-up (our living room above). So I convinced two friends to go on the search, and boy, is it difficult. Here are the 5 criteria we have come up with (so far):

  1. Off street parking. Preferably with a garage, but not necessarily.
  2. Dish washer. (Let me just add here that we HATE doing dishes, don’t you?)
  3. On-site laundry.
  4. Close to campus.
  5. Pictures on the listing (implemented after a horrific showing of a house near campus, because no, we do not consider concrete suitable flooring in our bedrooms).

And, if it wasn’t difficult enough for three very different girls to decide on one home, I should mention again here the “intermediate independence.” Parent approval. When is it that we cut the apron-strings?

            Earlier today I sent out an email to my two future roommates with links to our potential homes. Here’s a snippet:

Good evening ladies 🙂
I’m checking out houses (go figure)…well either way, these are all cheaper/closer/or include more utilities than others I’ve sent out. Take a look, maybe and well, hopefully we can look some more because these seem nice… Another, 4 bedroom, nice, same price $1600, but also 12monthlease… http://offcampushousing.stthomas.edu/2011/02/25/renovated-duplex-6-blocks-to-campus/ …
http://offcampushousing.stthomas.edu/2011/02/25/big-bright-2-bedroom-apt-close-to-campus/ This place has some open Sept. 1 in the same building…only like $1199 price wise, and there are some 3bdrm.

❤ Em!

They usually receive a ‘house’ e-mail from me every other day, but these (and the others in the email) look pretty promising, and hopefully soon I’ll be posting pictures of my new home.


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